Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the Santa Fe Tribune?
    A: The Santa Fe Tribune is an experimental test-platform for local, online news service in Santa Fe
  • Q: Who writes the Santa Fe Tribune?
    A: We'll have some staff writers, and some volunteer contributors. Would you like to contribute? You may. Contact us.
  • Q: Who pays for this?
    A: What is it worth to you?
  • Q: What kind of software runs this site?
    The site is driven by an all original PHP content management system. The system works somewhat like a blog system such as Wordpress, somewhat like a wiki such as Mediawiki, and somewhat like a traditional full-scale content management system such as Drupal -- but much simpler.
  • Q: Come on, is it really all original software?
    A: Actually, some add-on components add extra muscle. Add-on components include the Disqus comment system, OpenX advertising management package, SimplePie RSS parsing package and WebCalendar, an open source event management package.
  • Q: Then what else did you borrow?
    A: PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript are each programming languages created by consortiums that released standards and coding systems to the public. These new languages make Web programming a venture that any reasonably intelligent and dedicated person can now persue.
  • Q: So what is in the original all-original part of the software?
    A: An extremely granualar read/write access system lets us assign writers permission to easily create new pages using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIYG) editor, much like what you might typically use to write e-mails. We have restricted access pages for administrators, a group system that lets us assign people and permissions to groups, several transclusion systems that let us easily add content to pages yet allows members to edit that content without breaking complex page layouts.
  • Q: How do I contact
    A: E-mail us at
  • Q: How do I contribute financial support to Santa Fe Tribune?
    A: You can donate today. Click here.